Timberwolves and Magic unveil jersey sponsors for upcoming season

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Two NBA teams have made their jersey sponsorship official, and that includes one team that has brand new uniforms to unveil. That’s the case for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who made their partnership with Fitbit official earlier today.

Fitbit’s patch will not only be placed on the T-Wolves jerseys, but it will also be seen on the G-League’s Iowa Wolves jerseys as well. While Minnesota’s uniforms have yet to be unveiled, I’d imagine that the patch will look similar to the logo that they displayed at the end of the video announcement.

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Meanwhile, the Orlando Magic also made their sponsorship official today, and I can’t imagine a team having a more fitting jersey sponsor than Disney sponsoring the Magic.

nba ads magic

This is one of those rare occasions where I’d say that an ad on a jersey actually enhances the team’s identity. The team’s nickname itself was inspired by the Magic Kingdom inside of Walt Disney World, so it only makes sense that the company and the team that took inspiration from that company would link up when the league started allowing ads on jerseys.

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The jury is still out on what the Fitbit ad will look like on Minnesota’s uniforms, but I’d say that the Magic’s partnership with Disney is the best of the bunch so far. I’d rather not see this happen in general, but if this inevitable moment is going to happen, then the Magic could’ve done a lot worse than joining up with such a natural partner as Disney.

What do you all think of the NBA’s rollout of sponsors so far?