Several New Road Jerseys Unveiled on NHL Draft Day

Several National Hockey League teams yesterday and today unveiled their new Adidas road jerseys for the upcoming 2017-18 season, the jerseys were unveiled to coordinate with various team-held draft day parties.

Most of the road white jerseys unveiled here are straight colour swaps of the home jerseys released on Tuesday, if you missed that I encourage you to read our comprehensive breakdown from the event here.


The Tampa Bay Lightning removed the “TAMPA BAY” from the front of their road jersey, the lightning bolt crest now appears larger because of this. The white laces from the collar have also been removed.

“When the Lightning began its complete brand transformation in 2010, the words bold, classic and iconic were used to inspire our new logo,” Lightning Chief Executive Officer Steve Griggs said in the official team release. “Now seven years later, we feel the time has come to remove the ‘Tampa Bay’ from our road uniform for a more clean and consistent look, leaving simply our trademark lightning bolt logo.”

The Lightning will also wear a 25th anniversary patch, this patch will be worn throughout the entire season on the home blue jersey and following the All-Star break on the road whites. The road white jersey will feature the 2018 NHL All-Star Game logo from opening day through the All-Star Game.


Who could’ve guessed white would be more appealing aesthetically than grey? The Golden Knights road jersey appears to be receiving far more praise than their home set did, the only difference being the swapping of grey for white as the base and black for grey on the striping.


Carolina is sadly not using the storm flag pattern on their road set which remains almost entirely unchanged from last year’s uniform (and it looks like they used the same mannequin as they did for their last unveiling in 2013). The gloves get some black added to them and the collar gets an adjustment to work with the new Adidas cut.


Like their new home uniform, the Avs road set brings back the mountain stripe to the waist and sleeves, grey acts as trim colour separating the burgundy from the white, piping is removed, and the collar gets an adjustment. This isn’t a straight clone of the original 90s set, that look had an additional blue outline acting as a trim on the silver and burgundy stripes.

Numbers are black with silver trim, again like the original set the extra blue line is omitted.


A simple transfer of their new jersey over to white. Differences from last year include the nearly complete removal of striping from around the waist and the colours of the striping have been swapped on each sleeve.


Very minimal changes to St Louis’s road uniform, the inside collar (which you’ll never see when the jersey is worn) adds the City of St Louis flag in place of the team’s establishment year. This is good, their road jersey last year was solid as it was, no changes were necessary.


This one appeared then disappeared from their social media accounts, but the Internet never forgets… the Rangers road set isn’t too drastically different (you wouldn’t expect much change from this team), the collar adds a line of silver and the inside back collar adds the team’s wordmark logo. (update: apparently there is no silver on the collar here)


Like their home jersey the Bruins are simply changing the colours of their player name and number, black/white/yellow is now just black/yellow. A cleaner look overall.


Identical except for the new Adidas cut. The way it should be.

I’ll be adding to this list as I come across additional teams and photos. Be sure to check back to see if there’s anything new.