Juventus goes craft green with 2017-18 third kit

Earlier in the European soccer offseason, we got a look at what Juventus’ 2017-18 home shirt would look like. Even though they’ve done something a bit weird with their new crest, there was no surprise at the fact that Juventus would stick to a simple design of black-and-white stripes for their kit.

Juventus later confirmed the leak by officially releasing the home kit soon afterwards. The away kit has also been released as well, and it’s in Juve’s traditional clash colors of blue-and-yellow.

Now, that only leaves the third kit to be released, and while it hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, the crew at Footy Headlines has once again gotten the scoop on a big kit release.

Juventus’ third kit should be a hit for people who enjoy military uniform colors, because the club has gone with a military green shirt for their third choice strip.

According to Footy Headlines, this is the first time that Juventus have worn this particular shade of “Craft Green,” and it’s a design that’s loosely based on a green shirt that Juventus wore during the 1940s and 1950s.

The shirt itself is very simple, but at the same time, your eyes can’t help but be attracted to (or repulsed by) that wonky new crest. That crest is going to be the star of any show when it comes to any shirt that it’s on, and it’s no different here. Juventus have definitely come up with a strong set of kit designs for this season, but you’re always going to look at their new crest and that may or may not bring the whole set down — depending on how you feel about that crest.

What do you all think of Juventus’ kit lineup for this season?