UCLA football keeps things simple with new Under Armour uniforms

In the past, we’ve given the UCLA Bruins a bit of stick for some of the uniform choices they made while they were under the Adidas umbrella. It always seemed like their regular uniforms were on the cusp of greatness only to slip, and then any time they decided to go a different direction with their alternate uniforms, it swerved completely off of the tracks.

Fortunately, UCLA has followed their Northern in-state rivals to the Under Armour umbrella, and they’ve come across a land where they can actually wear good-looking uniforms. UCLA recently unveiled their home and away uniforms for the 2017 season and they are very easy on the eyes.

There’s not much to say about the home uniform — other than “They got it right.” Granted, they don’t have the classic number font that they used to have during this uniform’s glorious heyday, but the serifed numbers do look very nice on the jerseys, and the stripes aren’t truncated or too long — they’re just right.

Meanwhile, the away uniforms have an interesting twist — they’re all-white. Personally, I would’ve preferred to see UCLA go with gold pants primarily here as they’re traditionally wont to do, but this isn’t a bad look either and it’s certainly better than the team’s last attempt at an all-white look with Adidas.

With this and the uniforms that they recently unveiled for Cal, it’s clear that Under Armour is trying to keep things simple with the football uniforms they’ve come up with. It’s also nice to see the football programs as well deciding that keeping things simple is way better than complicating things with needless details, and that’s what UCLA and Under Armour have done here. This is a solid uniform set and I’m sure that the alumni and fanbase will actually enjoy seeing these unis on the field this Fall.

What do you all think, though? Upgrade or downgrade?