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Pittsburgh Steelers will wear tribute patch in memory of Dan Rooney

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the football world in general lost a huge figure in the game when Dan Rooney passed away a few months ago. As teams are wont to do in this type of situation, the Steelers are going to wear a patch in memory of their beloved owner. As far as patches go, the Steelers made sure to put plenty of thought and effort into the design for this patch.

As this article on the patch notes, the Steelers wanted to go with something that was meaningful and would make Dan Rooney proud. which is why they went with the shamrock design below.

From the article:

Throughout the regular season players will sport a patch on the right side of their jerseys with Rooney’s initial’s DMR, which stands for Daniel Milton Rooney, lovingly enveloped in a black and gold shamrock to honor, remember and show love and respect for the man who was more than an owner, but family to the players.

“We wanted to have something my dad would be proud of and really called out parts of his life that were important to him,” said Steelers’ President Art Rooney II. “The shamrock is something he would be happy about.

“I know he wouldn’t want us to make too much of a fuss. I think wearing a jersey patch, he would be proud of that. It’s a great way for all of us to remember what he meant to each one of us and what he meant to the organization.”

The patch itself is very simple, but it’s still well done on their part to make sure that it wasn’t too bare but also wasn’t too elaborate. It’s just right, and it won’t look out of place on Pittsburgh’s uniforms as they play this season.

So, where would you all rank this patch among the various memorial patches that have graced NFL uniforms over the years?