Apparent New Cavs Nike Uniform Leaked

Earlier today, a photo leaked on Twitter of an apparent promotional staging for the Cleveland Cavaliers new Nike uniforms.

While we cannot say 100% the photo is authentic, it does line up with design details which I had been previously informed of the Cavaliers “Association” (the white/home) uniform. All the details I was told about the “Association” uniform align with the apparent design details of this leaked image of the “Icon” (road) uniform.

Here’s the photo that was tweeted showing what is almost certainly a new Cavs uniform:

After studying the above image and combining it with the design details that I had previous knowledge of, I’ve compiled a full-view mockup of what the new Cavaliers “Icon” and “Association” uniform designs could look like:

Note: I don’t know for certain of the placement of the shorts logo and I also took an educated guess on the area in which the side “swoosh stripes” end on the top and shorts. I also am not 100% sure about the waistband logo for the white uniform, so I made an educated guess there as well.

So what do you think of the new Cavaliers Nike uniforms? Good change of pace from the previous design? Too much “swoosh”? Let us know in the comments below…