Lightning Seeking Feedback on Potential New Third Jersey

The Tampa Bay Lightning have gotten the ball rolling for their potential new third jersey, not due until the 2018-19 season.

Launching a survey yesterday, the Bolts are asking participants for their thoughts on what they should wear in addition to their standard light (road) and dark (home) uniform options.

The survey includes questions about their past jerseys asking the surveyee (it’s a word, look it up) to choose their favourite and explain why:

Yeah the thunderstorm jersey from the late 1990s is an option… this could go bad!

What colours a potential new jersey should be, giving black, silver, white, blue (or other) as options:

White as an option is interesting, considering you typically wouldn’t use a white jersey at home these days (unless there’s something happening we don’t know about).

Additional questions included whether the jersey should be simple and sleek or stripey with other accents (i.e. thunderstorm jersey), whether it should read “BOLTS” across the front (note: it shouldn’t), if it should be like a traditional hockey jersey or something modern and new, and finally whether they should even bother creating an alternate.

Kudos to the Lightning for involving the fanbase on such a decision, after all an alternate jersey is ultimately created for the fans, let ’em have their say! (Just, I dunno, be sure to say something smart, let’s not blow this opportunity)

If you’d like to participate in the survey, you can do so here.