Miami Hurricanes set to add green jersey and black jersey to uniform set

When Mark Richt made his return to the Miami Hurricanes football program as their new head coach, he also brought with him more traditional-looking uniforms. Out went the modern uniforms with the strange sleeve striping, and in came uniforms that looked a lot like what the team wore back in the 1980s.

The new uniforms went over well with the crowd who wanted “The U” to return to the feeling of the good ol’ days of the ’80s and early ’90s, and now the Hurricanes will add two new jerseys to compliment this traditional set.

Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post has obtained images that seem to indicate the Hurricanes will be wearing black jerseys and green jerseys this season, and he has photos of the replica jerseys to prove it.

While Porter stopped short of confirming that the Hurricanes will actually wear these jerseys (UPDATE: They will indeed wear the jerseys), I’d imagine that there’s a very good chance that we’re going to see these designs on the field at some point or another. Miami’s been wearing green alternate uniforms for nearly two decades now, so it won’t be a huge shock to see them running out in green.

Meanwhile, Mark Richt was known for breaking out black jerseys for his old Georgia squad and Miami’s also dipped their toes in black uniforms in the recent past. Therefore, it’s not a shock to see black jerseys returning to Miami’s uniform fold.

However, both uniforms are in the same template as the regular home-and-away set so it’s not like we’re getting a funky surprise here when it comes to the uniforms. They’re just swapping the colors, and sometimes keeping changes simple is the best idea.

What do you all think of the potential new alternate jerseys for the Hurricanes? Should they keep them? Are they too superfluous for your tastes?