Charlotte Hornets reveal new uniforms, (almost) same as the old uniforms

The Charlotte Hornets have revealed their new home-and-aw–I mean, association and icon uniforms. If you were expecting the league’s lone Jordan brand representatives to come out with something drastically different from what they’ve worn in the past, then you’re going to be disappointed in what you’re about to see.

Yep. Despite the fact that the Hornets are going to be the only team in the NBA with the Jumpman logo on their uniforms (for obvious reasons), they decided to keep their primary uniforms mostly the same. There are a few minor differences between their new Jordan Brand unis and the old Adidas uniforms.

For starters, the collars are different. There was a lone contrasting-color stripe on the collars of the old uniforms, but on the new uniforms the collars are one solid color. Additionally, the team has decided to replace “CHARLOTTE” on the icon uniforms with “HORNETS,” so they won’t be wearing the city name on their primary uniforms.

Also, they’ve replaced the Crown “CH” logo on the shorts with the standalone Hornet alternate logo.

Of course, the biggest change is the fact that the team will be wearing the Jumpman logo on their uniforms instead of the Nike Swoosh logo. It pays to have the actual Jumpman himself as the owner of the team, right?

While the Hornets could potentially do something out-of-the-box with their other uniforms, they’ve decided to stay close to their original design with their initial Jordan Brand look. What do you all think? Did you want to see major changes, or are you glad that the Hornets stuck with their design for the most part?