Philadelphia 76ers unveil new uniforms and Denver Nuggets announce new sponsor

Two more NBA teams made uniform news today — one team unveiled their new tweaked uniforms under the Nike umbrella, while another team stopped short of unveiling their new look but got everybody ready for it by unveiling their sponsor logo. That’s where we will start — the Denver Nuggets didn’t unveil their new Nike threads, but they did announce that Western Union will be taking up the ad space on their jersey.

There’s not much to write home about when it comes to this. Still, you have to give the Nuggets props for making sure that their patch doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, and I’d imagine that we’ll see color-coordinated patches on the other jerseys once they come out with their Nike set.

Meanwhile, the big uniform news came out of Philadelphia as the 76ers unveiled their new look for the 2017-18 season.

Once again, we aren’t seeing many major changes. However, those of you who have keen eyes were probably drawn to the fact that they added a drop shadow to their lettering and numbers.

You could argue that this was a bit of a superfluous addition to what was basically a flawless uniform, but you could also argue that it added a bit of life to the lettering and numbers on the jersey. I could see both sides of the arguments, but the bottom line is that this is still a top-tier uniform in the NBA right now — drop shadow or not.

So, what do you all think of the “new” 76ers uniforms? Did their slight changes improve their already stellar uniforms? Do you have an opinion on the Nuggets’ new sponsor? LEt us know what you think?