Bulls Announce Reds at Home in 2017-18

The Chicago Bulls showed off their new Nike uniforms today for the upcoming 2017-18 season, and while there no changes to the overall design of the uniform (phew), the team did make a surprising announcement.

From Twitter:

Let me translate, the “Icon” jersey (the red one, known as the road uniform since the dawn of time until, oh, around two weeks ago) will be worn as the Bulls primary home uniform for the season to come.

While the white one…

Previously known as the “home” jersey, now the “association” jersey, will be worn primarily as a road uniform. Which is an interesting claim to make considering we supposedly have no idea yet on what the other teams plan on wearing at home.

The Bulls still have between two to three more uniforms left to unveil as every team will have at least four. Teams thus far have been unveiling their icon and association jerseys which are basically last year’s home and road sets, still to come are uniforms designed to pay tribute to the city and one to the athlete. A handful of teams (8 of 30) will sport a fifth “retro” inspired set.