LA Clippers use Nike opportunity to fix their uniforms

While the majority of NBA teams have decided to make small tweaks to their uniforms during the Nike overhaul, there were a handful of teams who underwent wholeseale changes. One team who absolutely needed to change their uniforms was the LA Clippers, whose ill-fated rebrand culminated with the team having a bad logoset and awful, awful uniforms. The Clippers have now fixed the latter part of that statement as they unveiled new Nike uniforms today.

For starters, much more effort was put into the design of these uniforms than their previous set. Instead of just slapping the new logos onto their old uniforms, the Clippers actually came up with a unique design and utilized their colors in a better way. Instead of trying to shoehorn black into the uniforms, the team has gone back to a mostly red-white-and-blue color scheme that’s much easier on the eyes.

I’m not a fan of the alternating colors of the striping on the shorts, but again, this is still a sight better than the idea that they had before.

The bad logos are still present on the uniforms, but instead of being the focal point like they were on the previous (and hideous) away uniforms, they’re more of a compliment to the rest of the uniform instead of being the main focus.

The Clippers still have a couple more uniforms to unveil later on so there’s still a chance that we could see something bad come out of this. With that being said, there’s not much to complain about here. These aren’t the best uniforms in the league, but the Clippers are no longer in the cellar when it comes to uniforms, and that is something to celebrate.

So, do you all agree with me here? Have the Clippers finally salvaged their current identity with these new uniforms?