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Miami Dolphins will continue to wear throwback uniforms in 2017-18 season

The Miami Dolphins may not have the best-looking uniforms in the world of professional football, but for two games they’re in the conversation. That’s because the Dolphins have taken to wearing throwback uniforms from their glory days of the 1970s on occasion for the past two seasons.

Now, they will be wearing them for a third season in a row after the president of the Miami Dolphins revealed the team’s uniform schedule for the upcoming season.

The bad news is that we will all have to wait until Miami’s final two home games of the season before we get to see them break out the throwbacks. That means that we’ll have to wait all the way until December of this year before we get to see them wear the throwbacks again.

The good news is that, well, we will get to see them again. There are times where NFL teams seem to stick with throwbacks for too long (cough Chicago, cough Green Bay), but this is one case where I don’t think that anybody would mind seeing the Dolphins continue to wear these for the foreseeable future.

There’s no word on whether or not they’ll also paint the field with a throwback design, but I’d imagine that they will since the Miami Hurricanes will be done with their regular season by the time those games roll around, so the stadium won’t be in ground-sharing mode.

So, are you happy that they’re going to be wearing the throwbacks again? Or do you think that it’s time for the Dolphins to come up with something different when it comes to a potential alternate uniform? Let us know what you think!