Michigan Wolverines and Florida Gators will have college Color Rush game

The Color Rush may have started as an official NFL term, but it’s starting to catch on at all levels of football. We’re about to get a high-profile example of it as the college football season really kicks off this upcoming weekend. The Florida Gators and Michigan Wolverines will be playing each other in one of the bigger games of the weekend at Dallas’ AT&T Stadium, and the uniforms will definitely draw plenty of attention.

The Florida Gators will be wearing all-blue, with white helmets. This isn’t a brand-new look for the Gators — they’ve worn all-blue with orange helmets on plenty of occasions in the past, but the all-blue with white helmets look is definitely an interesting change of pace for Florida.

Meanwhile, the Michigan Wolverines will definitely be pushing the envelope with the look that they’ll be wearing on this Saturday. The Wolverines will take to the field wearing all-maize uniforms. According to Michigan, this is the second time in history that they’ve worn maize jerseys for a game. The uniform design itself is actually pretty plain — they aren’t adding any unnecessary piping or changing the fonts to their numbers. It’s pretty much a pure recolor of what their home jersey would look like.

I’d say that the closest comparison to Michigan’s all-maize look would be the Rams’ initial Color Rush uniforms. Those uniforms got mixed reviews, and I’d imagine that Michigan’s all-maize look will receive similarly mixed reviews.

Anyways, what do you all think about the college version of color rush? Are you ready to see Michigan blind us with their all-maize look?