Rockies unveil 25th anniversary logo

Next season will mark a quarter century since the likes of Andres Galarraga, Dante Bichette, and Charlie Hayes took the field for the first-ever Colorado Rockies team. The Rockies yesterday unveiled a logo that will commemorate their 25 years in existence.

The anniversary logo, which prominently features the “purple mountain majesties” that has been part of the team’s identity since day one, will be worn on uniforms as a sleeve patch.

This will be the first Rockies anniversary logo to be square, after the team used round logos for its inaugural season and 10-year anniversary, and a 20-year mark that evoked a mountain-topped baseball diamond.

We documented a change in the shade of purple that the Rockies wear earlier this year, but overall, the team’s brand has remained largely unchanged over the course of their existence. They’re the only one of the four MLB expansion teams from the 1990s for which that’s the case.

On the field, the Rockies have never won their division, but they did make the World Series as a wild card team in 2007.