Video Game Leaks Full Set of New NBA Alternate Jerseys

MAJOR UPDATE: Our man @JMoneyMikita is back with the goods and has provided full-view pics of all the “new design” Statement uniforms. Check below to see the front, back and side views of many of the unif0rms.

The NBA season is about a month away, and the off-season is marching on with more news of the new Nike uniforms. This time, it’s the “Statement” jerseys (previously this would known as the “third uniform”) for each team.  Note that Nike’s original press release referred to these uniforms as the “Athlete’s Mindset,” but apparently that nomenclature has changed.

Earlier today, twitter user @JMoneyMikita Tweeted pics of the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors “Statement” uniforms as they appeared in the team selection screen from the upcoming basketball video game NBA 2K18. Intrigued, we reached out to @JMoneyMikita and he was happy to share screenshots of the remaining 27 “Statement” uniforms from across the NBA. Turns out Mr. JMoneyMikita was able to purchase an early-release copy of NBA 2K18 in Australia, which may explain how we’re seeing this an entire month before the game is officially released worldwide (but doesn’t really explain why the screenshots are en français).

Without further ado, here’s the full set of 30 NBA Nike “Statement” uniforms:

Many of these are straight-up carrying over alternate uniforms from last season but there’s certainly some new, interesting designs in there.

Apologies about the large, obtrusive watermarks on the pics of the full-view uniforms, but we’ve been burned before about some content stealing. Some people, right?!