Graphic: 21-Game Winning Streaks, 1935 Cubs vs 2017 Indians

Turns out the Cleveland Indians are a pretty good ball team.

With yesterday’s win over the Detroit Tigers the Indians broke an American League record with 21 consecutive victories. Incredible! The win squared them with the 1935 Chicago Cubs who held the Major League record for longest winning streak without any ties in there.

The Cubs and Indians at it again… how fitting.

Cleveland can top the ’35 Cubs and claim the number one spot all for themselves (and likely for all of eternity) with a victory tonight against the Kansas City Royals… in the meantime, let’s take a look back at the two streaks side-by-side in what was entirely just an excuse for me to go back and use 1930s cap logos:

Yes, I used the Players Weekend logos where appropriate, also the Cardinals cap logos shown at the end of the ’35 streak aren’t entirely accurate — St Louis actually wore plain caps with pinstripes, I added the logo to the front of those stripes for the purposes of this graphic. If you’re wondering who’s who in 1935: Games 1-4 is Philadelphia, 5-8 the Boston Braves, 9-12 is the Brooklyn Dodgers, 13-16 New York Giants, 17-18 are the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Cubs played Games 1-18 at home, their only road trip during the streak came right at the end when they played four in St Louis – the Cards breaking the streak (in extras!) in the finale of that set.