Sacramento Kings unveil new black alternative court design

The Sacramento Kings are at it again. The Kings were one of the first teams to hop on the alternative court design train back in the 2015-16 season, and they’ve become one of the first teams to unveil an alternative court design for the 2017-18 season. Instead of going back to the past, the Kings have gone with a modern, black look for their new court design.

What makes this interesting is the fact that there are actually two designs. The design remains the same at its core (which you can see above), but the Kings truly wanted to make sure that the court design matched their “Global” alternate in both name and spirit. They did this by coming up with new logos that have the team’s name in both Mandarin and Hindi.

The Sacramento Kings put out a press release and gave a clear explanation of how they’ll apply the new logos on the court for specific nights:

International elements are present throughout the new design. For the team’s biggest global celebrations, Bollywood and Lunar New Year theme nights, interchangeable panels featuring a new regional logo – a Kings crown featuring the team’s name in Hindi or Mandarin – will be added to the floor. The Kings will use these marks, in addition to the primary logo in future India and China endeavors.

For other games, the team’s global crest – a heralding lion, a symbol of leadership and strength recognized around the world – will remain at center court. The granite “S”, inspired by the city’s flag showing the inseparable link between the community and team, will wrap around the floor along the apron.

This is a very cool idea and it’s one that you figure will be emulated by other teams. The Kings are definitely pioneers when it comes to actually putting an international-inspired logo on the court, and the logos themselves look pretty good as well. All in all this was a pretty good job from everybody involved and it should look great when combined with Sacramento’s black alternate jerseys.

Anyways, what do you think of the new logos and their placements on Sacramento’s court? What do you think of the court itself?