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Photos: Vegas Golden Knights Make Their Debut

The Vegas Golden Knights made their preseason on-ice debut yesterday at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena, a 9-4 victory against the host Vancouver Canucks.

It gave us our first real good look at the uniforms of the newest pro sports team in a real game environment: big arena, proper lighting, an NHL opponent, actual(ish) players.

Here’s how that looked:

I thought I’d hate the white gloves but they look pretty good paired with the road whites, we’ll have to wait and see how they go with the home greys. Overall the uniforms are solid, especially when it’s an expansion team – a situation where things could go bad fast, design-wise.

The floral pattern in the gold stripes showed up better than I imagined they would, makes me wish they were able to include it somehow on the gold stripe on socks (likely an impossible feat) to just see that applied across the board.

Since, overall, it’s a good uniform, we gotta go ahead and be picky, and we’re gonna get picky with the numbers on the back:

It may be tough to see here but the numbers are actually grey with a million tiny white dots on them, we CSI’d another picture for a closer look:

This is a new Adidas feature, you’ll see it on six other teams in the upcoming season. I’m not a fan of this, seems unnecessary and because of all that extra added white it makes the numbers appear a lot lighter than they should be, the colour of the numbers now no longer match the colour used on the rest of the jersey. Again, I’m being picky. Overall, a very good looking uniform.

You can buy the new Vegas Golden Knights adidas jersey here.

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