Atlanta Falcons will wear black retro-inspired unis and Color Rush unis this season

Last season, the Atlanta Falcons made a big chunk of their fanbase happy when they broke out retro-inspired uniforms that mixed the black helmets of the Jerry Glanville-era of football there with the look from their inaugural season from the neck down. It was a solid look on the field and it was clearly popular because fans were clamoring for the team to wear them again for this season.

Well, there’s good news on this particular front: The Falcons have confirmed that they’ll be wearing the “fauxback” uniforms this season — they’ll be wearing them for their upcoming home game against this week against the Buffalo Bills, and they’ll also wear them for their Week 12 matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Matthew Tabeek of the Falcons’ official website addressed the rumors in his recent Q&A session with the fans of the team:

The Black is Back! The Falcons are going to don the all-black jerseys reminiscent of the 1990’s era Falcons uniforms and white pants this Sunday against the visiting Bills (and now I have MC Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit” video with Deion Sanders and Andre Rison playing in my head). With the all-black jerseys, white pants and the old-school Falcons helmet logo returning Sunday, fans are encouraged to wear all-black to the game. Oh, wait. There’s more. I’ve been asked so many times about a uniform schedule and the Color Rush game … well, no more wondering: We’ve now got a 2017 Falcons Uniform Schedule page set up. Check it out. Y’all ready for a blackout Sunday?!?

Additionally, the Falcons’ uniform schedule revealed that the team will indeed break out their all-red Color Rush uniforms for their Week 14 clash against the New Orleans Saints — just as I predicted. It’s kind of strange that the Falcons waited until nearly a quarter of the season was finished before announcing their uniform schedule, but some teams like to move in mystery and maybe the Falcons are one of those teams.

Either way, the Falcons are going to wear relatively straightforward uniforms for three games this year. Yes, the Color Rush uniforms are a big clot of red, but I still prefer them to the hodgepodge of striping that the Falcons currently wear as their primary uniforms. That’s just my opinion, though. What do you all think of this uniform news for the Falcons?