A History of Misspelled Jerseys, Sabres Okposo Latest Victim

Buffalo Sabers (sic) forward Kyle Okposo (sc) took to the ice for last night’s game against the New Jersey Devils… an appropriate opponent for a player who would quickly realise he required a (dad joke warning) new jersey.

The poor equipment manager, or whomever, responsible for stitching the player names on Buffalo’s uniforms gave Okposo a jersey which read “OKOPOSO”, an extra “o”. A shame he could give the Sabres themselves extra “O” as they wound up losing 6-2 to start their season with three consecutive losses.

Okposo was provided with a jersey featuring the proper spelling late in the first period.

Since three tiny paragraphs hardly counts as content worth doing, here’s a look back at a few other notable misspellings on sports jerseys over the years:

For most of the 2017 season, French soccer club Montpellier HSC gave players and sold jerseys to fans featuring their name spelled incorrectly. The team was alerted to this error by local media and donated their incorrect jerseys to a club in Montpelier, Vermont.
Even the “Great One” couldn’t escape this, in 1997 while with the New York Rangers Wayne Gretzky wore a jersey misspelled “GRETKZY”; his father Walter shown here with the jersey
Detroit Pistons Richard Hamilton may have wanted to “Rip” this jersey off his back, he was given an extra “I” in 2008 to read “HAMILTION”… which gives me a decent idea for a name of a Hamilton, Ontario based demolition company.
Opening Week 2009, the Washington Nationals have two players take the field with their team name misspelled “NATINALS”
In their first game after the 1994 All-Star Break, Joe Carter played a few innings of a game wearing a jersey with Toronto misspelled as “TOROTNO”. He switched the jersey in the later innings with his just used All-Star jersey, complete with the ASG patch on the sleeve
Seems to happen a lot in baseball, the San Francisco Giants had a misspelling in 2010 “SAN FRANCICSO”
Remember Zack Greinke’s time with the Los Angeles Angels? No? Well for one of those few games in 2012 his jersey was spelled “GRIENKE”. Was he upset? Well Zack left the Angels to join the other LA team about three months later.
In 2016 Phoenix Suns player Eric Bledsoe wore this orange alternate jersey with his name misspelled as “BELDSOE”
Baseball at it again, in 2013 the Milwaukee Brewers wore throwback uniforms, their manager given one spelled “MILWAKUEE”
In 2015 Dallas Stars goalie Antti Niemi a victim of someone assuming the spelling based on pronunciation, his jersey was spelled “NIEME”.

“Okoposo” pic via @BruceCiskie on Twitter