Mexican Hockey League unveils eye-catching logos and uniforms

Let’s be honest here: You would not normally associate Mexico with ice hockey. Yet and still, our neighbors to the South are proving that if you can get an ice rink together and plenty of people with a passion for the sport, hockey can and will grow in Mexico. In fact, the Liga Mexicana Elite de Hockey is set to start another season on this upcoming Sunday. While there are only four teams, the quartet of squads definitely have an interesting look when it comes to their logos and uniforms.

The four teams consist of the Aztec Eagle Warriors, the Mayan Astronomers, the Olmec Stone Priests, and the Teotihuacan Priests. All four teams appear to have received an update for the upcoming season and the result is a league that actually look pretty solid.

Here’s the logos and uniforms for each team (credit to @srperezpolanco for the images below):

I’ve got to say, all of those logos and uniforms look pretty good. The best part of all of this is that all of the logos and nicknames are clearly inspired by Mexican history and imagery. Plus, it manages to accomplish this while coming up with completely unique ideas — especially when it comes to those striping patterns and color combinations.

Hockey in Mexico may not be the highest quality, but if we’re judging them simply by how the teams will look in their uniforms, I’d put them up there with any league in the world. Do you all agree with me here?