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BOO! Hallowe’en Sports Logos

It’s Hallowe’en! And it’s totally normal that my backyard, up here in Canada, we still have trees not only with leaves in them but leaves that are green. Whacky year, folks! It’s also fitting that on Hallowe’en night we could see a team that wears orange win the World Series.

Looking around the sports logo landscape you see many different themes, mostly animal based, but there have been a spooky amount of scary themed teams over the years.

Devils! Bats! Ghosts! Beasts! Monsters! Eek!!!!

Today we take a look at some of the scarier sports team names and their logos. Happy Hallowe’en! *Vincent Price laugh*

I was going for teams *both* named after something Halloween-spooky and branded that way, so a few which would be perfect on the logo side (such as the old Milwaukee Admirals) I skipped because the name “Admiral” didn’t quite fit.

If you can think of any which met this criteria that we missed, please share in the comments!