Giants Celebrate 60 Years In San Francisco

The Giants are getting set to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their first season in San Francisco.

Unveiled via their social media channels, the San Francisco Giants will have a 60th anniversary logo going into the 2018 season; it is not yet known if this will be worn as a patch on their jersey.

Note the Tweet mentioned that 2018 would be their 60th season in San Francisco, this is actually incorrect, it is indeed the 60th anniversary of their first season. Big difference.

Kicking off the great western shift of the league, the Giants moved from New York to San Francisco following the 1957 season along with the Brooklyn Dodgers who moved to Los Angeles during the same off-season. The Dodgers will also have a 60th anniversary logo in 2018.

A look back at some of the previous patches the Giants have worn to mark the anniversary, the two older ones shown here were worn on the jersey, again we’re not yet sure if the 60th anniversary patch will be worn:

Other anniversary patches unveiled so far for 2018 include the Athletics’ 50th anniversary moving to Oakland; the Diamondbacks 20th anniversary of their first season; and the Kansas City Royals 50th season.