Green Bay Packers set to wear throwback uniforms once again

Despite my continued pleas for the Packers to find a throwback that better suits this current era of “one helmet only” rules in the NFL, Green Bay continues to wear the throwbacks from the 1937-48 era. Indeed, the team will be donning navy blue-and-gold jerseys as they’ve done for all but one season since 2010.

So now it’s time to get into my annual rant about the Packers and their throwbacks. My main gripe with these uniforms is the fact that the Packers do not even bother to switch to navy blue facemasks and instead they decide to stick with green facemasks while wearing blue jerseys. Now, I understand that Green Bay’s hands are tied due to the rules that are currently in place, but plenty of teams have proven that switching facemasks is A-OK. So I’m confused as to why the Packers still stick with the green facemask whenever they wear the throwbacks.

It’s a simple fix that could make the rest uniform at least tolerable, but instead they persist on leaving the helmet as is with the only changes being the removal of the “G” logo and striping. Anyways, this will now be five straight season in which the Packers have basically gotten lazy with their helmet while wearing throwbacks, so I’m just going to go ahead and give up hope that they’re ever going to “fix” it. Maybe they’ll take care of it when the NFL finally loosens its rules on helmets, but it doesn’t seem like that the Packers are going to change things during this era.

What do you all think of this, though? Does the yellow helmet-green facemask-blue jersey-brown pants look work for you? Or is it as jarring to your eyes as it is to mine?