Colorado Rockies Announce New Home Cap, Patches for 2018

The Colorado Rockies will be have a new look at Coors Field next season.

In 2018, to help celebrate the 25th (or “silver”) anniversary of their first season, the Rockies will be wearing a version of their cap without any purple on the logo. The “CR” logo on the front of the cap will instead be silver.

According to the official Rockies Twitter account this will only be worn at home:

The Tweet also seems to suggest the change will be for just the 2018 season.

Colorado will also be wearing a commemorative patch on the side of their cap and the sleeve of their jersey throughout the 2018 season, a logo we had already seen but not yet as an actual patch:

Aside from a making the purple a little brighter earlier this year, this will be the first change to the Rockies home cap in franchise history; the team has always worn a purple “CR” outlined in silver on black.

Teams have tinkered with uniform designs for a one-season-only event in the past: the Philadelphia Athletics added gold to their colour scheme in recognition of manager Connie Mack’s 50th season as manager in 1951, more recently the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim changed the silver halos throughout their uniform to gold in 2011, also for their 50th, and the San Diego Padres added yellow to their home caps and jerseys in recognition of hosting the All-Star Game in 2016.