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Washington may not wear their Color Rush uniforms

Washington has made it clear over the past year or so that they aren’t exactly fans of what they ended up having for Color Rush uniforms. Back when there were rumors that the Philadelphia Eagles were lobbying to the league for a rule change concerning alternate helmets, Washington was also trying to lobby for a rule change that would allow teams to opt out of wearing their Color Rush uniforms if they were too garish.

Considering the fact that Washington’s Color Rush uniforms are currently a bright shade of gold from the neck down, I can understand why they’d figure that their own uniforms are “garish.” I mean, just look at them.

While Washington was able to avoid wearing the all-gold get up last season, they’ve now reached “Do or Die” time when it comes to these uniforms. Washington is set to play the Dallas Cowboys for this upcoming Thursday and while the Cowboys are set to wear their white Color Rush uniforms, it sure seems like Washington is probably going to head in a different direction with their uniforms.

According to a report from Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, Washington’s head coach “doesn’t know” if the team will indeed wear the all-yellow uniforms this Thursday.

If I had to guess, Washington as a franchise probably raised enough of a stink about the uniforms to where they more-than-likely won’t wear them on Thursday. If I had to guess, they’ll probably just wear their regular home uniforms with burgundy pants and socks instead of wearing yellow. That’s still not the best look, but it’s better than the alternative, right?

Either way, this goes to show that if your team has an ugly enough uniform and raises enough of a stink about it, they can opt out of the Color Rush apparently. What do you all think of this? Surely it’s good that one team is using common sense when it comes to wearing ugly uniforms?