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Maine Mariners New ECHL Team, Unveil Logos for 2018-19

Fans of 1980s minor league hockey will remember this name. The Maine Mariners will be returning to the world of hockey next fall playing in the ECHL (which is two levels below the NHL, you could call it “Double A” hockey) as the relocated Alaska Aces starting with the 2018-2019 season.

The Mariners today unveiled their new team logos, if you include their original two AHL franchises (which played, collectively from 1977-1992 winning three AHL Calder Cups) it’s the first major identity change for the Maine Mariners name, the clubs used the one logo throughout their AHL days only changing colours once during a switch of their NHL affiliation (originally Philadelphia, eventually Boston — they also affiliated with New Jersey but didn’t alter their colours for them).

The logo, designed by Portland, Maine’s Big Room Studios, features a trident in the shape of an E next to a white and silver M trimmed in blue, the trident includes green highlights.

A full explanation of the logo kinda SportsLogos.Net-style by the team:

The lighthouse – Maine is home to 65 historical lighthouses along the shore. These structures help guide the Mariners to safety and the Maine Mariners will certainly be “lighting the lamp” often!

The Dirigo Star – Dirigo is the state motto and is Latin for “I lead”. The Maine Mariners plan to lead the way to a great connection with the community and aim to lead the ECHL in wins on and off the ice.

ME – The M and trident form an ME, which is the abbreviation for the great state of Maine

Pine Tree – One of the nicknames of Maine is the Pine Tree State. The center spear of the trident pays homage to the native evergreens.

Love the little lighthouse they worked into the beveling of the “M”, I’m a sucker for that stuff. The colour scheme is great too, very nautical, and unlike the AHL teams there’s no ties whatsoever to their NHL club (unless they end up with Vancouver, I guess, but for now it looks like it’ll probably be the Philadelphia Flyers), this is their own look, their own thing.

The Mariners will get their first season underway in October 2018.