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Dallas Cowboys will wear white pants with primary navy jerseys

This Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium will be one of the more unique uniform matchups in the history of the Dallas Cowboys/New York Giants series. The Giants made it known all the way back in preseason that they were going to be wearing their Color Rush uniforms from last season. That’s a popular decision when you consider how well-received those throwback-inspired uniforms were and now the Cowboys have decided to get in on the uniform fun as well.

According to 5 Points Blue (which is a website that is officially affiliated with the Cowboys), the Cowboys will be wearing the white pants from their Color Rush uniform with their navy jerseys. This will be the first time that we’ve seen the Cowboys utilize a silver helmet-navy jersey-white pants combo for a regular season game in their history.

The team used to wear white pants as their primary choice back in the early-mid 1960s and they also made an appearance when the Cowboys went with their throwback look in recent years past. However, the team has never worn white pants with their current navy jersey design so this is definitely a moment of interest for the team as far as its uniform history is concerned.

5 Points Blue also took time to explain why the Cowboys have decided to break out the white pants for a non-Color Rush game.

Why the switch to the white pants?

Because the team’s merchandising department thinks it will look great, and because the blue jerseys/white pants are something players have mentioned in the past that they would like to wear. Guys like Dez Bryant have lobbied Cowboys’ equipment director Mike McCord for the blue/white combination over the years.

Personally, I say that the silver helmets-navy jerseys-silver pants look is one of the best looks in the NFL and going to the white pants would be a bit of a slight downgrade. That’s not to say that it’ll be a bad uniform — far from it. However, it’ll still be a nice look and an interesting wrinkle for a team that doesn’t normally give us too many shocks from a uniform standpoint. Now, if only they could fix the silvers and blues on their home uniform, then we’d really have a stew going in Dallas.

First they start wearing blue at home, now they’re wearing white pants with blue jerseys? What’s next?

But what do you all think of the “new” look for the Cowboys? Are you excited for this uniform matchup between the Giants?