Colts wear all-white in snowstorm and it ruins film study for Broncos

Well, this is a first. This past Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts visited the Buffalo Bills and the two teams played in a blizzard. The first half of the game was basically unwatchable due to the heavy snow. Here’s a screencap from Sunday’s game that illustrates my point.

Allegedly, there is a football game happening here.

When I say that “this is a first,” I’m not talking about a snow game. There have been plenty of football games played in atrocious snowy conditions, and the game in Buffalo definitely won’t be the last one. What made this special is that it had a direct effect on Indianapolis’ next opponents.

The Broncos will be travelling to Indy to play the Colts this Thursday and they’ll be doing so with a disadvantage — the film from the Bills-Colts game from this past Sunday is basically useless to them. That’s because the snow effectively camouflaged the Colts on the game film to the point where the Broncos decided that it was not worth even watching.

Here’s the quote from Broncos head coach Vance Joseph (via the Sporting News):

“We tried to watch it, but you can’t. I mean, you can’t see it. You can’t see numbers. They were wearing all white, so it wasn’t worth watching,” Joseph told reporters on Tuesday. “I watched about 15 plays and I couldn’t see anything, so I turned it off.

If the Colts turn out to have a tactical advantage on the field in a few days, you can thank their regular away uniforms combining with the horrible snow conditions in Buffalo to basically turn them invisible. I’d imagine that the Broncos probably viewed other games, but it had to have been a bit of a bummer that they couldn’t use the most recent game tape — especially considering the short turnaround for both teams.

You won’t have to worry about the elements working to camouflage either team on Thursday Night Football, since both teams will be wearing their Color Rush uniforms. Still, don’t be shocked if the Colts possibly have a slight upper hand since the snow ruined Denver’s film study. Or, this could all be pointless and we could see the Broncos pull off the win nonetheless. Who knows!