Video Game Leaks Nearly Full Set of NBA City Edition Alternate Jerseys

UPDATE: I’ve received a 1080p video of the menu screen of a 2K user on PC, so we’ve got much cleaner, color-accurate versions of all 28 uniforms now. Thanks to Twitter user @JMoneyMikita for the video!

The saga of the Nike NBA City Edition uniforms has hit fever pitch this afternoon, as it appears that the video game NBA 2K18 has (accidentally?) pre-released the “select a jersey” photos of the uniforms into the game, and then removed them all with a quick update. Fortunately, quick-on-the-draw video gamer Chris Shaull has captured 28 of the uniforms, excluding the Heat and Raptors uniforms. For the moment, we’ll have the live with these front-views of all the tops of the uniforms.

As always, if you re-use these photos anywhere, PLEASE, re-link back to this article and my twitter account in some capacity. Thanks!

What do you think of these initial “official” looks at the jerseys? Let us know in the comments below…