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Pittsburgh Steelers will have new throwbacks for 2018 season

Midway through the 2016 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced that they were going to drop the polarizing “Bumblebee” throwbacks that they had worn since the 2012 campaign. Indeed, this most recent season came and went with the Steelers only wearing their all-black Color Rush uniform as an alternate choice, meaning that the “Bumblebee” look was once again dropped into the clothes hamper of history.

With the great “Bumblebee” experiment done and dusted, the Steelers are now going to dig further into their historical uniform catalog for a new throwback alternate uniform. According to Adam Bittner of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Steelers owner Art Rooney II has confirmed that the team will be wearing throwback uniforms next season.

Now the obvious question is which uniform will the Steelers choose to resurrect? Technically, their all-black Color Rush uniform is a throwback since the jerseys are extremely similar to what the team wore from the 1940s until the mid-1960s. Also, it would be extremely unlikely to see them resurrect the uniforms that the team wore in 1933 (and also wore as throwbacks in 1994) alongside the now-infamous “Bumblebee” look.

Bittner suggested that the team could possibly go with the “Batman” uniforms from the mid-1960s that included a gold shoulder yoke.

Image courtesy of gridiron-uniforms.com

It would be the most logistical solution as well, since the Steelers wouldn’t have to change their helmet design and they could keep their current pants as well. It wouldn’t be as adventurous of a look, but it would fit the bill as being a rarely-seen throwback and something new for a team that currently has one of the best and timeless uniforms in the NFL today.

So, what do you all think that the Steelers should go with as a throwback?