CONCACAF unveils new official logo

Over recent years, we’ve been starting to see even the football confederations that help govern soccer on each continent across the globe decide that it’s time to refresh their brand and come up with a new logo. Africa’s CAF started the “trend” in 2007 when they updated their marks, then Europe’s UEFA updated their logo in 2012 and then South America’s CONMEBOL went with a completely different look just last year. The wave has now spread to North and Central America as CONCACAF has come up with a brand new look of its own.

For reference’s sake, we’re going to start by showing you what the logo looked like previously.

Now that this is in your mind, it’s time to wipe it completely from your mental hard drive since the new look is such a departure from the old design.

Really, the only similarity between the old logo and the new CONCACAF logo is the fact that “CONCACAF” is placed below the logo itself. Other than that, this is a completely different look and is definitely a huge leap from what used to be the look that the confederation went by in the past.

According to this video from CONCACAF, there are 41 diamonds that are meant to represent the 41 nations that make up CONCACAF, Additionally, each diamond represents four pillars that are meant to stand for “Football, Quality, Unity and Access.” The diamonds are then arranged in a circle (which probably stands for the football itself, if I had to guess) to form the new logo.

It’s definitely a massive upgrade over the previous look. The old logo didn’t exactly give off a major league vibe when compared to the logos of other confederations. Now, this new look gives CONCACAF a sense of belonging when compared to the other confederations. They’re still decently behind both CONMEBOL and UEFA in actual soccer aspects but at least when you talk about logos, CONCACAF can stand with the best of them.

So, what do you all think of the new look? Are you a fan? Should they have gone in a different direction?