MiLB es Divertido, 33 Clubs Unveil Spanish Rebrands for 2018

As part of “Copa de la Diversión” (“Fun Cup”), Minor League Baseball has spent today rolling out all-new name, logo, and uniform packages for 33(!) teams; presumably as a way to drive me mad a mere 24 hours after Major League Baseball unveiled 120 new caps.

In case you were wondering what this is all about… from, “Copa de la Diversión” is a season-long event series specifically designed to embrace the culture and values that resonate most with participating teams’ local U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities.”

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The program will encompass 160 games over the entire season, with an actual three-foot-tall “Fun Cup” traveling to each of the 33 cities.

In announcing the program, MiLB said, “To distinctively launch this new initiative, and visually celebrate the diversity that defines MiLB communities nationwide, MiLB and each participating team will create culturally relevant on-field personas that honor the local U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities.”

The 33 team names:

Las Vegas Reyes De Plata (Las Vegas 51s): Silver Kings, a reference to mining in the area

Los Cucuys De San Bernardino (Inland Empire 66ers): El Cucuy is the Spanish equivalent of The Boogieman

Stockton Caballos (Stockton Ports): Caballos translates to “Horses,” a reference to ranching in the area

Lake Elsinore Storm: The team will wear “Hispanic heritage-inspired” hats

Rancho Cucamonga Temblores (Rancho Cucamonga Temblores): Earthquakes

Omaha Cazadores de Tormentas (Omaha Storm Chasers): Another literal translation, and a really awesome-sounding one at that

El Paso Chihuahuas: Same name, different hats

Kane County “Los Cougars” (Kane County Cougars): Not much need to explain, though the team does: “The Cougars’ moniker remains as it already represents the entire Kane County region: a fierce North, Central and South American wild cat found everywhere from Canada to Argentina.”

Abejas de Salt Lake (Salt Lake Bees): A direct translation

Mariachis de Nuevo México (Albuquerque Isotopes): A completely new identity, and a great one: the name celebrates a traditional Mexican musical style and the logo features Catrin, the male version of Catrina, who was born as a protest symbol of social inequality in Mexico and who has come to represent the Day of the Dead

Memphis Música (Memphis Redbirds): The Spanish name highlights the musical note featured in the Redbirds’ Creamer-award winning identity

Petroleros de Tulsa (Tulsa Drillers): A rough translation—the name in Spanish and English both reference people who drill for oil

Round Rock Chupacabras (Round Rock Express): A reference to the dreaded, legendary creature of Latin American origin who drinks the blood of goats (keep him away from Hartford)

San Antonio Flying Chanclas (San Antonio Missions): From the team’s website: “The club honors the matriarch of the Latino family, the Abuelita, and her symbol of strength, discipline and love with its on-field persona for this special series of events. The chancla has long been symbolic of the Abuelita as she maintains the structure and order of la familia.”

Corpus Christi Raspas (Corpus Christi Hooks): Named for a delicious frozen treat favored in Texas

Charlotte Caballeros (Charlotte Knights): A direct translation

Greenville Energía (Greenville Drive): You need “Energy” to have “Drive”

Rápidos de Kannapolis (Kannapolis Intimidators): Rápidos translates to “fast ones,” a reference to Dale Earnhardt Senior, the inspiration for the original team name

Tortugas de Daytona (Daytona Tortugas): Since the name is already in Spanish, the reordering of the words in the team name is more a celebration of Spanish grammar

Winston-Salem Rayados (Winston-Salem Dash): Per the team, “The name recalls the pinstripes worn from previous Winston-Salem teams, and the term ‘Rayo’ also loosely translates to ‘Bolt,’ the Dash’s mascot.”

Cangrejos Fantasmas de Chesapeake (Bowie Baysox): Ghost Crabs. (This is amazing.)

Brooklyn Jefes (Brooklyn Cyclones): The team says it best: “The name Jefes, or bosses, was chosen as a nod to the air of confidence that is synonymous with the people of Brooklyn.”

Pawtucket Osos Polares (Pawtucket Red Sox): The name means polar bears, a reference to the team’s logo

Toros de Durham (Durham Bulls): A direct translation

Lehigh Valley Tocino (Lehigh Valley IronPigs): The team that built an identity on bacon (or tocino, in Spanish) goes back to its roots

Cielo Azul de Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City Dodgers): The name “Blue Sky” incorporates Dodger blue and the blue skies of OKC, and is a reference to Fernando Valenzuela, who looked to the sky while pitching.

Hillsboro Lúpulos (Hillsboro Hops): A direct translation

Monarcas de Eugene (Eugene Emeralds): Monarchs, like the butterfly. Per the team, “The focus of the new brand revolves around the multi-national ethnicities that make up our Latino community. The Monarch butterfly performs one of the most spectacular journeys and has become a subtle and beautiful symbol for the migrant community.”

Visalia Toros (Visalia Rawhide): Bulls, which relates to rawhide

Everett Conquistadores (Everett Aquasox): A reference to the exploration of the Pacific northwest

Sacramento Dorados (Sacramento River Cats): California is the Golden State, and dorado means gold. A luchador mask in the logo represents a team ready for battle

San Jose Gigantes (San Jose Giants): A direct translation

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