Miami Marlins will reportedly not wear orange jerseys in 2018

Ahead of the 2015 season, the Miami Marlins ended their off-and-on relationship with their alternate hats by deciding that they would no longer wear those orange hats that were so bright that you could see them from outer space on a clear night. Now, the brightness may have once again been turned down considerably in Miami.

According to Andy Slater of 940-AM WINZ of Miami, the Marlins have decided to drop their orange alternate jerseys and will not be wearing them for this season.

If this is truly the case, then it’s actually a bit of a shame. Whether you were a fan of the shade of orange that the Marlins went with or if you figured that it was an utter eyesore, it was still one of the more unique looks in all of baseball. Now, your’re going to have to rely on the Houston Astros to break out their orange jerseys and/or caps every now and then to quench your thirst for citrus jerseys, because the Marlins are apparently finished with it for the time being.

Miami Marlins Orange Jersey 2013

This also serves as a another blow to everybody’s favorite super fan: (The Artist Formerly Known As) Marlins Man! In case you didn’t know, Marlins Man is currently on the fan market after falling out with current ownership. While I’d imagine that Jeter and friends probably were not thinking about Marlins Man when they made this decision, you have to imagine that making sure that the team refuses to wear Marlins Man’s favorite jersey-and-hat combo has to be the last bit of fire to whatever was left of the bridge between the wacky superfan and the franchise.

Marlins Man also claimed that this was an April Fool’s joke, but Slater stuck by his story when asked about this twice, so this is probably the real deal.

The only silver lining for those who are fans of the orange look is that, again, the Marlins have had an off-and-on relationship with their fluorescent shade of orange. Also, the team has not officially gotten rid of the entire orange uniform itself, so this appears to be solely a choice on the team’s part to not wear the orange jerseys instead of officailly putting them under mothballs.

What do you all think of the Marlins getting rid of the orange jerseys?