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On Thursday Wear a Hockey Jersey for Humboldt

For Humboldt, we’re wearing our hockey jerseys.

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, Canadians (and really anyone who wants to partake) are being encouraged to wear a hockey jersey — to work, to school, as they go about town — as a sign of solidarity and support for those affected by the Humboldt Broncos bus crash last week. Fifteen players and staff members of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team were killed in the accident.

Originally pitched as a local gesture amongst a group of British Columbia hockey parents, as good ideas do these days it gained momentum on social media and is now spreading, not only across the country but worldwide. I first heard of it via a note sent home with my son, the school here encouraging all students to participate (finally a school project I can help with).

Jersey Day is the latest in a series of ways communities have been showing we’re all thinking of Humboldt, Saskatchewan. All NHL players will be wearing Humboldt Broncos decals on their helmets for the Stanley Cup Playoffs; earlier two Major League ballplayers, Marcus Stroman and Joey Votto, wore tributes to the team on their uniforms; hockey sticks have been left standing on front porches all across Canada “just in case the boys need one”; and a GoFundMe for the community has just surpassed $8 million.

If you have a hockey jersey at home, wear it on Thursday. If you have several jerseys (and I know many of you do), please bring a few to work or school, let those without wear it for the day.