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Crawdads are Crawmoms this Weekend, Fool Many with Announcement

The Hickory Crawdads, Single-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, ruffled some feathers in January when they announced that they would rebrand as the Hickory Crawmoms—without revealing right away that the rebrand was temporary.

“After 25 seasons of being the Crawdads, we decided that it was time for a change,” said “Crawmoms” General Manager Mark Seaman in a press release at the time. “This change has been long overdue and we are excited to finally be making things right.”

The press release included a quote from famous mother Marge Simpson praising the move, and another from noted misogynist Peter Griffin, decrying, “It is widely known fact that moms are the better parent, the Crawdads were all we dads had left. How could they take this away from us?”

In spite of the obvious tongue-in-cheek nature of the announcement, some fans on social media were up in arms, with several declaring that they were shifting their allegiance to the nearby Asheville Tourists. The Tourists, seizing an opportunity, praised the team’s new website,, which when you click on it, redirects to the Tourists’ home page.

Even Dan Simon of Studio Simon, who created the Crawdads’ identity, was in the dark. “News to me!” he exclaimed, when I asked him about the rebrand.

Later that day, the Crawdads let fans in on the joke, revealing that the Crawmoms brand would be worn for this upcoming Mothers Day weekend with the first game with the new uniform and name being played tonight.

The Crawdads’ press release released later in the day included this usually unnecessary but apparently important addendum: “Note: This article was published as a joke” and redirected readers to the actual details of the promotion.