Fort Wayne TinCaps complete uniform unveil

The Fort Wayne TinCaps, who have already unveiled two new uniform combinations this season, completed their four-stage uniform unveil this week. With new home whites and an alternate solid green already out there in the world, the TinCaps rolled out road grays with red sleeves and a two-tone gray batting practice top.

The road jerseys feature a new red script, with the F of Ft. Wayne representing an apple with a leaf and stem.

The batting practice tops use the same script, but with the word TinCaps, including an apple T.

“Heading into our 10th season we had already established the TinCaps brand with the team’s name and primary apple logo,” said Michael Limmer, TinCaps Vice President of Marketing, quoted on “What we were trying to do, with our friends from Sky Design (the original designers of the TinCaps brand marks in 2009) was to extend the brand, not replace the marks that people have come to know and love. We found a way to add to the fun in ways that express the TinCaps brand in a colorful way.”

The TinCaps have doubled down on their apple-themed, red-green brand, making them the Christmas-y of all the teams in the minors.