49ers Throw It Back to the 94ers, Unveil Alternate Uniform

The San Francisco 49ers unveiled their new alternate throwback uniform late last night (or extremely early this morning where I live) during their 2nd annual State of the Franchise event in San Jose.

As we predicted back on Tuesday the uniform is a throwback to a throwback – the 1994 throwback design brought back for the season by the 49ers during the NFL’s 75th anniversary season a design which was based on what the club wore briefly in the 1950s. The look was so popular the team even wore it during their appearance and subsequent victory over the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.

What we didn’t expect in our prediction was that the uniform would be the all-white version, I thought for sure we’d see the red… I may have been wrong but I’m certainly not disappointed. Just check out this beauty:

“We loved the opportunity to marry the history and heritage of the 49ers franchise with the modern innovation of our latest football chassis, the Nike Vapor Untouchable uniform,” Nike Art Director of NFL Uniforms Tom Andrich said over at 49ers.com. “It was a way to honour the past while representing the future.”

The helmet also throws it back, the logo on the side of the helmet will be replaced with the version worn in 1994. The difference between 1994 and 2018 is the removal of the additional gold outline and the drop shadow on the “SF” has a simple black outline rather than a drop shadow. A handy side-by-side here:

The bumper at the front of the helmet has the team’s vintage wordmark in what may be my most favourite part of the new look:

Overall it’s a very faithful replica of that memorable 1994 set, the most visible differences between the two are the striping on the sleeves which is unfortunately outside what the team can control, limited to the construction of the Nike Vapor jersey vs the Wilson set the team wore originally.

The new uniform will replace the 49ers all-black alternate uniform they had been wearing since 2015 for this season, it will also be used as their Thursday Night “ColorRush” set where applicable.