Carolina Hurricanes Share Teaser for New Third Uniform

The Carolina Hurricanes gave us a bit of a teaser for their new alternate/third uniform, already announced by the team to be unveiled at their NHL Draft party next Friday night.

The teaser was posted as a video on their official Twitter account, you can watch that entire 7 second video here:

Yeah, that was quick… so as we tend to do, we broke the video down frame-by-frame to see what we could see.

What the teaser showed us was the uniform will be predominantly black with red trim, the collar black with red:


The hurricane warning flag pattern will be involved in some fashion, the popular design element from the Hurricanes first several seasons in North Carolina was brought back on their home red jersey before last season:


It also looks like the shoulder patch from those ‘Canes early years is on the uniform, it was also the main logo on their previous black alternate uniform. Unfortunately we cannot tell if it’s on the shoulder or the main crest:


What’s most interesting from the teaser, in my opinion, is this image:

On first instinct I figured it was probably just the Hurricanes primary logo but when you look closer it’s not, at least not the same one the team currently wears, there’s no Hurricanes logo presently in use which has a red element directly up against black which is also in that close in proximity to anything silver. Interesting. (UPDATE: Many readers have theorized that it’s the secondary logo with a new black trim added to it, this seems quite possible)

Here they all are in one handy graphic:

Or take a closer look at each of the teaser shots we grabbed from the video below, click any of the images for an even larger version of the photo

UPDATE (Jun 14/18): As a reader points out, one of the images from that video looks suspiciously like a new “CANES” wordmark we saw a few months ago, if so that’ll certainly be a new element for the new uniform: