The 2018 NBA Draft Cap Collection

The 2018 NBA Draft is tonight, so let’s talk about this year’s draft cap design.

Looking at the front of the cap, the design appears simple, clean, a nice basic cap with the crown in the primary team colour and the club’s logo front and centre.

Things change on the side, where we see four patches applied for each club, these patches all follow the same template across the league: one of the teams other logos, establishment year for the team, team abbreviation, and a flag to represent the city/state/country the team plays in.

2018 NBA Draft Caps available now

Flag type varies across the league, the Golden State Warriors (as well as all the California teams) use the state flag; they also use their inaugural season including the team’s time in Philadelphia:

While the Brooklyn Nets use the flag for the borough of Brooklyn and the year the team relocated from New Jersey:

The Toronto Raptors play in Canada, where there are no cities or provinces so they get the Canadian flag, representing Downtown Canada:

On the front of the cap there’s the addition of a pin, a different pin for each team which plays up some element of their identity or where they play:

Here’s a look at all 30 team NBA Draft caps for 2018, click for a larger version of this image:

Note the Memphis Grizzlies cap has a slightly different logo here than what they’d been using this past season. We took a closer look at that bit of news here.

The 2018 NBA Draft caps are available for sale now, priced at around $37.99 USD