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Carolina Hurricanes Unveil New Black Third Uniform

The Carolina Hurricanes are advising you “take warning” to the fact the club has unveiled their new alternate/third uniform, one which updates some old looks worn by the club while also introducing some North Carolina state pride.

One of two new uniforms unveiled throughout the National Hockey League tonight on the evening of the league’s annual entry draft, Carolina’s new third jersey, like their previous one, uses the secondary team colour of black as the base while also modifying the logo on the chest.

“We’re excited to introduce our new third jersey for the upcoming season,” said Hurricanes President and General Manager Don Waddell in the media release. “We wanted to modernize our old alternate uniform while incorporating a sense of regional pride, and we feel we’ve done that with this design.”

Front-and-centre we see a new hurricane warning flag logo, yes – it’s actually a hurricane warning flag this time – with two flags flying from the stick instead of one (the previous was a “tropical storm warning” flag, I’m told), another nod to North Carolina hidden in-between the two flags.

The shoulder yoke is now a “storm grey” with a red trim and includes two “ghosted out” tonal grey logos – the Hurricanes primary logo on shoulder one and the state flag of North Carolina on shoulder two.

Throughout the uniform we see several red stripes, all of which include a “heathered” pattern.

A new set of wordmark logos were also introduced along with the uniform, an abbreviated “CANES” logo is the only one of this new group to make it onto this uniform, appearing as a decal on the side of the helmet.

The new hurricane flag logo eliminates the triangle which was present in the previous logo and also includes a state map of North Carolina hidden in the negative space in-between the two flags (nice). This new logo is not only the third jersey crest, but is also officially the Hurricanes’ “secondary mark” or alternate logo, so you’ll definitely be seeing it used elsewhere.

The idea of the ghosted out logos on the shoulders are carried over from that previous alternate uniform, used originally from 2008-2017, while that uniform also had the primary logo, the use of the North Carolina flag is a new addition here.

A look at the front and back of the uniform, the font the same as the Hurricanes existing home and road set:

And a run-down of all the elements of the uniform we’ve already discussed here in a handy graphical package:

A comparison with the previous alternate uniform if you’re still not quite sure what’s changed here…

Striping, font, the logo tweak, the shoulder yoke, so no, it’s not as similar to the old look as you may have assumed upon first glance.

Finally a summary of all the new logos introduced by the club today as part of the unveiling of the new uniform:

Those new wordmark logos are pretty sharp.

The new uniform was created in partnership with Adidas with preorders available in-person at the Hurricanes draft party. The uniform will be available to order online at all the regular websites shortly.