P-Nats to wear lobster-print jerseys on Cosmo Kramer Night

The Potomac Nationals will wear jerseys inspired by the Seinfeld character Cosmo Kramer this weekend. The jerseys are designed to look like the iconic button-down shirts that Kramer wore, and include a Nationals logo that emulates that of the long-running TV show.

The P-Nats announced the promotion with a nearly 2,000-word press release that detailed the evening’s festivities, including free entrance for people whose legal names include some variation of Cosmo, Kramer, or Kessler (among other Seinfeld-related names), or people who dress like a department store Santa Claus, present items that smell like the beach, or are currently employed as a United States Mail Carrier or a proctologist (again, among other Seinfeld-related tid-bits).

The press release also contains this nugget: “Cosmo Kramer Night with the P-Nats is co-sponsored by: Rudy’s Antique Boutique, Dinky Donuts, Dr. Martin van Nostrand from ‘The Clinic,’ Jiffy Park, Coleman’s Department Store, Moviefone, and The Proctologist.”

The game, July 13 against the Frederick Keys, will include activities like a “reality tour” of the stadium, a thinly sliced deli meats eating contest (to win a P-Nats branded raincoat), and of course, the sale of autographed, game-worn lobster-print jerseys.

No word on whether Kramer himself will attend the game, but the P-Nats press release does indicate, “TV and film actor, Michael Richards, who portrayed ‘Cosmo Kramer’ on Seinfeld, will receive four (4) free premium box seats behind home plate (which will be a great reverse peephole-style view of the game) and all the Mackinaw peaches he can eat if he is available to attend Cosmo Kramer Night with the P-Nats.