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LA Lakers New Uniform Leaks Again, New Mockups

It’s been a tricky off-season for the NBA and Nike keeping a lid on their new logos and uniforms. First the Denver Nuggets had their new logo spoiled long before its unveiling by an appearance on an official composite banner graphic; then the Memphis Grizzlies had their new logo appear on a draft cap among other places, the team still has yet to actually announce this new logo.

Finally we’ve got the Los Angeles Lakers, who, to their credit, were able to keep the news that this change was happening at all a secret for far longer than most teams can these days. The day they announced the new uniform was coming however, things happened fast. Several official merchandise items showing LeBron James wearing the white Lakers uniform (featuring a design we’d never seen before) appeared on eBay; those items were quickly removed. Now yesterday even more items popped up on an online shop showing both the white and gold uniforms; an additional item was found giving enough clues to apply the same template to the purple.

The Lakers uniforms will see noticeable changes for 2018-19, side stripes are removed from the jerseys and shorts, drop shadows return to player numbers after a nearly 20-year absence, the trim and collar has been updated – now with an additional line, the number font is completely changed and its colour switches to gold on the purple jerseys and purple on the golds (previously it was white for both of these uniforms).

Conrad Burry took a look at all the information we had from these very-publicly-available leaks and tweeted his full mockups just based on those images. Here’s what he put together:

Click for closer look

Compared that to what the Lakers wore in 2017-18:

The Lakers are scheduled to unveil their new uniforms on July 30th, you can pre-order the new merchandise now here.