Newly-formed Atlantic East Conference Unveils Logo

The Atlantic East Conference, a newly formed NCAA Division III conference, unveiled their first-ever conference logo earlier today.

Designed by Joe Bosack & Co., the Pennsylvania-based firm behind several major successful college re-designs in recent years, the logo features a white and gold “A” with a red compass pointer pointing to the east forming the bar of the “A”; the entire letter is housed within blue which allows for a consistent appearance regardless of whether the logo is used on a light or blue background.

“It was exciting to imagine the new brand identity that represents the mission and vision of the Atlantic East Conference,” said Joe Bosack, designer of the logo, in the press release. “We are thrilled with the results of our collaboration with [Atlantic East] Commissioner [Jessica] Huntley and the member schools.”

The logo will also be available re-coloured based on each member’s own school colours, similar to what Major League Baseball does with their league logo on each team’s uniform.

Each element of the logo has an explanation for it beyond “it looks damn good that way”… the “A” is said to be solid to “represent the integrity of the conference and its members”, the white and gold represents the student and the athlete which is “the essential college competitor”, the compass pointer doesn’t just point East because it’s the “Atlantic East”, oh no, it also represents “aspiration and progress toward common goals”.

The Atlantic East Conference kicks things off officially on September 1st, it is home to seven college teams: Cabrini, Gwynedd Mercy, Immaculata, Marymount, Marywood, Neumann, and Wesley College which are all located from northeastern Pennsylvania through to the Washington, D.C. area.