Allons-y! Photo of Two-Star French Kit Emerges

Nike is prêt à partir when it comes to France at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final.

A photo appeared on this week of a jersey design featuring the French logo topped with not one but two stars. It appears the football kit manufacturer does not want to miss any opportunity to get the new look out as soon as the championship game concludes later today… assuming it goes in favour of France, of course.

According to that same article, Nike has 20,000 of these jerseys ready to put into the hands of celebrating French football fans (that’s what the “FFF” stands for, right?) as soon as Monday. They also note that when France last won the World Cup twenty years ago it took then-supplier Adidas a week to get the new one-star jerseys to market (which doesn’t seem all that bad, to be honest).

No word on if similar one-star kits have been made in advance of a Croatia victory.

Soccer clubs add stars above their crests to note championships; in terms of the World Cup, Brazil has won the most and currently have five stars placed above their logo, one for each of their five victories over the years: