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New Section Now Available: See All Logos For Any Year!

A long-lost, well-loved feature of SportsLogos.Net has returned this morning… and it’s been upgraded!

When we last completely re-did this site about six years ago we couldn’t carry over two components of the site at the time — “Logos By Year” and “New Logos By Year”. After several days of ignoring my family and working well past everyone’s gone to bed, I’m happy to say both features have returned and combined into one handy section!

To access our new “Logos By Year” section simply head to any league’s page on SportsLogos.Net and look for the link directly above the wall of team logos:

Clicking this link will take you to the most recent season played by the league you’re currently looking at, if you were to click the NHL link you see above today it would take you to the NHL’s 2017-2018 season (if you’re reading this in 2020, first “wow, we made it!” and second, that link will instead take you to the NHL’s 2019-2020 season, and so on).

On this new page you’ll see a listing of all the NHL primary team logos from that year followed by the league and event logos from that season, such as the Playoffs, All-Star Game, and others.

Here’s a look at the team’s section from our NHL 1971-1972 page:

A new feature of this, uh, feature is the inclusion of new logos for each season and (when available) the date that logo was unveiled is added for kicks. All of the championships won in the league that year follows to give you an idea of the teams that were big that season.

Here’s a look at the total package from Major League Baseball’s 1977 season:

You can see in the example above how you can navigate to other seasons or to check out other leagues. It’s not just the “Big Four”, you can see how even Minor or Junior leagues looked back in the day, or international leagues… if we have it on the site, this new section works with it. This feature is available for around 200 leagues and dating back as far as the 1800s!

Take a look, get lost for a few hours. Keep in mind I was a team of one for most of this project, if you see any errors please let me know and I’ll try to fix. Enjoy!