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Ottawa Senators Survey Fans With New Logo Options

The Ottawa Senators are draggggging out the process of getting a new logo for the team, but at least it looks like they’re consulting with their season ticket holders for what they should do if anything at all.

Despite using their alternate “O” logo, based off of what the original Senators wore in the 1930s as if it was a primary logo last season, the team has made no changes to their primary logo, nor to their home and road uniforms for 2018-19. The topic of the team’s identity came up at a town hall-style event the team held earlier this year with team owner Eugene Melnyk discussing how fans loved both the “O” logo and the centurion’s head logo and that they needed to think more about it.

Thanks to a Tweet from TSN 1200 on-air radio personality Shaila Anwar, we appear to have gotten a look at some of the options the team has been considering:

This graphic, shared by Anwar, is said to be from a survey sent out to season ticket holders which asked various questions of fans on their thoughts of the team, including their logo.

The top three are all logos we’ve seen before, the logo in the top left used by the club from 1997 through 2007, the one beside it has been the primary logo since the 2007-08 season, and the top right the team’s alternate logo over that same period.

But we don’t care about those three right now, do we?

It’s those bottom three which are all new designs (and likely just a coincidence they spell out “S.O.S.”). The logos on the left and right of that row both emphasize the “S” (for Senators, absolutely not for Seattle), you could argue the circles around them double as an “O” to spell out the team initials. They also show both the English and French names of the team which is handy in a bi-lingual city such as Ottawa. The logo in the middle takes the idea of using an “O” as the primary look of the team but tries to do something more with it, in this case it looks like it may be Native Canadian imagery in there?

I’m not a fan of any of those new options; I’d be happy if they went with this official team logo which we never see used anywhere.

Oh well, Senators gonna Senators. Share your thoughts in the comments.