New York Jets Announce New Uniforms Coming in 2019

The New York Jets will be getting a new look next year; the team confirmed the news Sunday evening on their official Twitter account.

Announced via a word search (hey, it was fun), the new uniforms will be unveiled in April 2019 and will coincide with the 60th season of the team.

Jets safety Jamal Adams tweeted out a new uniform mockup back in March asking fans to retweet it if they liked it; the concept showed a green helmet with the logo the Jets used in the 1980s and ’90s on the side.

Despite Adams’ Tweet getting 3500 re-tweets, there’s no indication that this is the direction the club is heading or that even a new logo will come with next year’s change.

The Jets last overhauled their look in 1998 when they threw it back to a uniform and logo heavily based on what the team wore for their famous Super Bowl III victory.

The New York Jets wore a green jet on their helmet for a single season, 1963
The New York Jets wore a green jet on their helmet for a single season, 1963
A uniform very similar to what they wear today was used from the mid 1960s through the late 1970s
New York switched to a green helmet with a italicized wordmark logo in the late 1970s and wore it right up until 1998

New York started off life as the Titans of New York playing in the American Football League in 1960; after three seasons the team changed their name to the Jets in reference to their home stadium’s proximity to LaGuardia Airport. After a single season using a green jet as their logo, the team switched to the football/oval for the next fifteen years including the big win at the Super Bowl. In 1978 the Jets shifted to an italic wordmark logo which they wore on a green helmet until the change to the current look twenty years later.

Now, twenty years after *that*, here we go again… I’m sure it’ll be fine, Nike’s handling it.