Lakers Officially Unveil New Uniforms for 2018-19

The Los Angeles Lakers today officially unveiled their new uniforms following *checks watch* oh, almost a month’s worth of leaks.

It’s a collection of small changes all put together to create a much more clean uniform for the 16-time NBA champions and also corrects a lot of the design changes the team made during their last uniform re-design back in 1999.

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The shape of the collar and jersey in general returns to a more traditional basketball cut, with that the Lakers return to two colour striping around the sleeves and collar.

The stripes up the sides have been removed entirely on the golds and whites, again less clutter and much more clean; the purple uniform adds a black stripe up the side (why?!) flanked with two thin gold and white stripes.

Surprise! Black stripe up the side of the new purple Lakers uniform

Drop shadows return to the player’s number on the front and back of the jersey (names remain one colour) and the colours of these numbers on the Lakers gold and purple uniforms have been changed: the gold jersey now with purple numbers, the purple jersey now with gold numbers; both of these jerseys used white numbers over the past 20 years. The advertisement patch, the one which reads “Wish” remains (I bet you “wish” it didn’t, eh? eh?!)

“Unveiled for the 2018-19 season, the new Los Angeles Lakers uniforms bring back an element of the 1980s Showtime Era — updated numbers, which use a vertical drop shadow — along with a rounded neckline. The font effect references the Lakers’ storied past, while also positioning a fresh direction for the franchise.” – Lakers uniform launch site

A side-by-side to help show what’s changed:

Comparing Lakers uniform changes. Note the "Wish" patch will still be worn on the new uniform
Comparing Lakers uniform changes. Note the “Wish” patch will still be worn on the new uniform

The Lakers will debut their new uniforms with the commencement of the upcoming 2018-19 season, their first pre-season game will be in San Diego on September 30th against another team wearing new uniforms, the Denver Nuggets. The regular season schedule has yet to be released.

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